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atc p1 dual mono power amplifier for sale in the usa at
 ATC P1 Amp

    ■  Balanced XLR & Unbalanced Phono Inputs   ■  Class A/B Operation
    ■  Amplifier Link Output   ■  6 Year Warranty
    ■  Developed and built in house, the new ATC 150 watt P1 Dual Mono
      Power Amplifier utilizes ATC’s latest chassis, with a precision machine
      12mm (1/2 inch) brushed aluminum front plate. The modular power
      circuitry, allows visual and performance compatibility throughout the
      ATC electronic product range.
ATC P1 Power Amp 5-STAR Review Rating from What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision!

ATC P1 Power Amp
What Hi Fi
Five Star Review

Review A

Review B


Output Power

150 watts, 8 ohms
200 watts, 4 ohms
Frequency response

Signal to noise

≥ 110dB

≥ 100dB

≥0.002% (-95dB)

Backed by a 6 year warranty, each unit is hand-built using dual mono circuits, and massive power supplies, making the new ATC P1 Amp an ideal partner for the ATC CA2 Pre-Amplifier.

Dual Mono Power Amplifier
ATC P1 Dual Mono Power Amplifier

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ATC P1 Power Amp

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Grounded Source Output Stage
The Class A/B design of the P1, utilizing ATC’s unique “grounded
source output stage” achieves a distortion figure better than -95dB
(≤0.002%) and very high stability, allowing control of difficult
impedance loads. Both balanced XLR and phono inputs are provided
along with amplifier linking facility for bi and tri-amp configurations.
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